Welcome to my website! I'm Dylan, an enthusiastic Ph.D. candidate at Department of Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering, University of Southern California. My research is centered around computational materials, with a primary focus on finite element methods (e.g., phase field modeling), crystallographic theory, and structural failure analysis.


🎓 Ph.D. candidate in Mechanical Engineering

  • University of Southern California (Aug 2020 - May 2025 (expected))
  • GPA: 4.0/4.0

🎓 M.S. in Chemical Process Equipment

  • Zhejiang University (Sept 2017 - Jun 2020)

🎓 B.S. in Process Equipment and Control Engineering

  • Dalian University of Technology (Sept 2013 - Jun 2017)

Recent Posts

📢 2023, May 10I am at the workshop on Data-Driven Computational Modeling of Materials Across Scales.
📢 2023, Apr 11My work "Designing shape-memory-like microstructures in intercalation materials" is published in Acta Materialia!
📢 2021, Jul 12My work "Film strains enhance the reversible cycling of intercalation electrodes" is published in JMPS!